• High Speed Full Servo Adult Diaper Machine

High Speed Full Servo Adult Diaper Machine

Brand :YITAI

Product origin :FUJIAN, CHINA

Delivery time :180 DAYS

Supply capacity :20-30 SETS PER YEAR

High speed Full servo adult diaper machine, reasonable layout design, easy for maintenance and adjustment, modularized design, easy for futhur updating, product detection system ensure the high quality of product, run in safe and stable situation.

 High Speed Full Servo Adult Diaper Machine


Main Technical Parameters

Power supply


Power consumption

350KW approximately (excluding hot melt adhesive machine and air compressor)

Raw material layoutAbsorption sheet on top and laminated film on bottom
Designed speed300pcs/min
Stable production speed250pcs/min
Qualified rate≥97%excluding defectives from hot melt and spliced
Machine spaceL40m×W9m×H4m (for reference only)
Weight115Tons Approximately
Machine directionTo be defined by the buyer
Machine color

To be defined by the buyer

Main Features

1. Touch screen adopted for man-machine conversation

2. Servo motor adopted for machine drive & PLC control

3. SAP automatic quantitative applied

4. Active unwinding, constant tension control and auto splicing are adopted for raw material

5. Auto detecting & alarm for material ending or breaking, auto reject for material splices.

6. Size can be adjusted with machine non-stop

7. Product auto counting and stacking

Main structural device

  1. Cell mill (treated and untreated pulp is ok)

  2. Suction fan

  3. Drum forming

  4. SAP applying device

  5. Core compacting device

  6. Elastic waist applying device

  7. Elastic unwinding device

  8. Cuff embossing device

  9. Four ear tape applying device

  10. S cutting hook applying device

  11. Frontal tape applying device

  12. Side-tape applying device

  13. R cutting device

  14. Final cutting device

  15. Final folding device

  16. Waste rejecting device

  17. Safety door

  18. Stacker

Raw Material


Raw material

Stand cuff

Hydrophobic N.W.

Stand cuff elastics

Elastics for cuffs

Top sheet

Hydrophilic N.W.


Acquisition layer

Upper wrapping paper

Upper tissue paper

Small fluff core

Small fluff +SAP

Big fluff core

Big fluff + SAP

Lower wrapping paper

Lower tissue

Leg elastics

elastics for leg

Fastening tapes

Magic tape or pp tape

Elastic waistband

N.W. +elastics

Back sheet

PE film or clothlike

Frontal tape

Magic tape or pp tape

Factory Show

Brand Strength
2017 Canton Fair in October-Xiamen Yitai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Team Service
Our Team
Fujian Yitai Technology Co., Ltd.  Donated 2018
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