• Sand Glass Type Baby Training Pant Machie

Sand Glass Type Baby Training Pant Machie

Brand :YITAI

Product origin :FUJIAN,CHINA

Delivery time :180 DAYS

Supply capacity :20-30 SETS PER YEAR

Sand g.lass baby pant machine, adopted full servo control, X type leg elastics, run in a safe and stable situation, high speed with auto stacking and bagging, compact design, easy for operation and maintanance, modular design easy for futuer undating

 Sand Glass Type Baby Training Pant Machie


Main Technical Parameters

Power supply3 phase, 380V, 50HZ
Power consumptionAbout 300KW (Air compressor & glue applicator is excluded)
Product specificationS M L XL
Designed speed600pcs/min
Stable production speed400-500pcs/min
Rate of finished goods≥98%
Overall size36*8*3.2m
Machine coloras per requirements
Equipment process flowright-left or left to right

Main Features

  1. Touch screen adopted for man-machine conversation

  2. PLC control, machine drive by servo motor or inverter motor

  3. Compact and reasonable square steel machine wall panel

  4. web guider ensure the raw material direction

  5. Double leak cuffs

  6. Size can be changed on touch screen

  7. SAP adopted double dosing case, auto dosing quantitively, auto feeding, drive by servo motor

  8. Raw material auto unwinding, constant tension control and auto splicing

  9. Sound and light alarm for the splicing materials

  10. Auto detecting & alarm for raw material ending or breaking, auto reject for material splices

  11. Auto record and caculation the production datas

Main structural devices:

1. Cell mill

2. Drum forming

3. SAP dosing

4. Tissue wrapping device

5. Fluff core compacting

6. Fluff core cutting

7.Pad cutting

8. Pad truning

9. Elastic auto unwinding

10. Acquisition layer applying

11. Side leak cuffs embossing

12. cuff ends sealing

13. Pad combine with waistband

14. waistband laminating

15. Leg cuffs rotary cutting

16. Product folding device

17. Discard tape feeding

18. Waistband sealing device

19. Final cutting

20. Product turning

21. Waste rejecting

22. color sheet applying

23. output of products

Optional devices:

1. sand glass

2. Suture device: Electric heating circle welding / Ultrasonic circular welding

3. Auto stacker machine

4. Auto bagger machine

5. Visural inspection system

Raw Material

Product Structure
Raw material
Stand cuffs
Hydrophobic N.W.
Elastics for stand cuffs
Top sheet
HydrophIic N.W.
Acquisition layer
Wrapping Tissue
wrapping tissue
Fluff core
Fluff + SAP
Laminated core
SAP Sheet
X type Leg elastics
Back sheetPE film or clothlike
Elastic waistbandWaistband N.W.+spandex
Discard tapePe tape
Cartoon tapepaper


Factory Show

Brand Strength
2017 Canton Fair in October-Xiamen Yitai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Team Service
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Fujian Yitai Technology Co., Ltd.  Donated 2018
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